The New Paid Mods: How Bethesda is Plotting to Fuck You All In The Ass and Run Away With Your Money

It's back and it's worse than ever before.   Emergency article about E3 ahead. Hot opinions warning and such. If you happen to see Bethesda like Nintendo fans see Nintendo you'll be really upset by what you're about to read, so leave now. I'm writing this in the middle of the night and less professionally … Continue reading The New Paid Mods: How Bethesda is Plotting to Fuck You All In The Ass and Run Away With Your Money


Bioshock: The Game That Never Was

This is a quick n' dirty retrospective on the original Bioshock, which will hopefully help fill the space until I feel I've played enough of Prey to have what I feel is a genuine opinion on it. Bioshock and some Prey spoilers ahead. Strap in kids.   I've been spending a lot of time playing Arkane's Prey … Continue reading Bioshock: The Game That Never Was

Arkane Studios: Dishonored and Synergy

Before we get into the meat of this article, I invite you to look back upon some of the best core gameplay experiences you've had in the last decade. Odds are things like the Bioshock series, Metal Gear Solid III and V, and Hitman: Blood Money come to mind. But these games are wholly unrelated, you might say. … Continue reading Arkane Studios: Dishonored and Synergy


Bayonetta: Creative Energy Refined (Review)

If there were ever a game that dripped from every seam with the energy, confidence, and creativity of its entire development team, it would have to be Bayonetta. Bayonetta is a 7 year-old game, plain and simple. There's no avoiding that fact when it comes to talking about this game from a critical perspective in 2017. However, … Continue reading Bayonetta: Creative Energy Refined (Review)


Review: Punishment Park

It is with a heavy heart and opened eyes that I bring you a review of a forgotten masterpiece. Before going ahead, it's basically impossible to talk about this film in the longform without minorly spoiling it. Without saying anything I think everybody should watch this film. Acquire it any way that you can, then come back … Continue reading Review: Punishment Park