Social Media

Here’s where you go to tell me my opinion is wrong and how to run my own blog


  • My Twitter, this is where you go to screenshot things I say and subtweet about them.
  • My Afterdark Twitter, this is where all the naughty things go – you go here to call me a filthy sexual degenerate (but only if you’re older than eighteen).
  • My Twitch Stream, this is where you go to shitpost about how bad I am at games.
  • My Youtube Channel, a contextless repository of random stream highlights, gameplays, and roller coaster nerd junk.
  • My Steam Page, this is where you go to send me video games so my reviews can ruin your confirmation bias about how good or bad they are. I will review whatever is sent as long as it is relevant to my interests and isn’t an obvious meme game. (I’m looking at you – yes you – the one with 10 copies of Bad Rats in your inventory. Joke’s on you, I already own 4 copies.)
  • You can also send game codes, business inquiries, and your whiny complaints to my email address –