Who The Fuck Are You?

I’m just some nobody tranny faggot who has way too many HotOpinions™ on the internet. This blog is designed to condense those opinions into a better format than twitter. Whether it be from my sexual experiences, politics, or my weird niche hobbies like roller coaster enthusiasm and videogames, you’ll find all that stuff here. Mostly you’ll hear various opinions on the hot topics of today and things that happen to cross my plate.

As for my interests, I tend to have a huge focus on various media consumption, most notably video games and film. I also have a keen obsession with roller coasters that I’ve carried with me since a very early age. You’ll also hear lots of opinion pieces and musings on my sex life, which I promise is very, very active. These posts will, of course, be tagged and categorized to a NSFW section of the blog, and they will never cross into the pornographic (But I guess you can jerk off to them anyway if you want you filthy degenerate).

As for me, I’m an early 20s high school dropout trying to piece together a future while managing a bunch of other issues that have cropped up in my life. This blog isn’t some dramatic vent, but the content here is still through the biased eyes of somebody in my unique position.

I’m not being hyperbolic about most of this description, before you ask. I am, in actuality, a pre transition MtF transgendered individual who also happens to be more than incidentally homosexual. I don’t really give a damn whether anybody remembers all this stuff, we’re only human after all, but some people will apparently only listen to somebody when they have the right set of arbitrary labels in their description box.